Adult Acne

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Next week I am doing something TERRIFYING and super empowering all at once.
I am going to be in the national press with some pictures of me with a bare face, no make up what so ever!!
For you guys that have followed me for a while your probably used to seeing my make up free selfies but let me give you some back story……

Over the last week I’ve been contributing to a skin positivity movement about us accepting our skin and embracing it.
The last 6 months I’ve pretty much stopped wearing make up unless it’s a special occasion or I’m off somewhere fancy. I have struggled with my skin since my early 20s from super violent breakouts on my face and back. It’s been horrendous and I have tried every remedy, every antibiotic, every tip online. It messed with my mental health, my anxiety, my stress and the drugs my physical health. It’s a whirlwind and I felt disgusting.

It’s really hard being a personal trainer and working in an industry with how you look being so important and having such bad skin – many people think bad skin is an indicator of a bad lifestyle, a bad diet, I assure you at my fittest and healthiest my skin was actually at it’s worse. Funny really?

Over the last year or so and not really intentionally I’ve slowly stopped wearing make up and decided to embrace my skin, for its flaws, it’s spots, pimples, redness and scars. I’ve stopped trying to hide it and I feel empowered and better for it. In fact my skin is so much better for not having products put on it everyday. I’ve gone from using a bottle of foundation every 2 weeks so not purchasing one in 2 months. Below is some pictures of how bad it’s been at it’s worse and how it’s been at it’s best. There’s such stigma about adult acne and I hate we feel we have to hide it.
So here we go…. I’m embracing mine, so much so I’m going to be make up free in a magazine.
What can you do do embrace yours? Do you struggle with your skin?
What’s the craziest thing you’ve tried to help it?

Wish me luck ❤❤😍😍

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