In our hectic world, efficiency in all aspects of our life can be a blessing. And when it comes to food, I think we can all appreciate a tool that can make our food preparation tasks simple and swift. Here we take a look at the popular Blend-Active blender from Breville that promises to meet the challenge.

When making a purchase for a smoothie maker, nobody wants to be putting down their hard earned money on a product that is mediocre and difficult to use. The Blend Active is a powerful machine that makes easy work of ice and frozen fruit that immediately projects it above many cheaper alternatives that struggle with such basic blending.

The first thing that stands out for the Blend-Active without a shadow of a doubt is the price. Right now on Amazon this thing is clocking in under £20, which for myself raises instant scepticism, certainly from an electrical product that I expect to perform daily blending. Can I truly get quality for less than £20?

Well I have been a proud owner of a Blend-Active for a couple of years now and this scepticism has long been crushed by an impressive device that still performs above expectations today. A funky blender for those on the move, which comes delivered with two strong 600ml BPA-free bottles (that never leak) forming the base for your smoothie preparation. Unlike many conventional blenders that require you to pour your smoothie into an external glass/bottle from the blender, the Blend-Active makes you attach your bottle directly to the motor allowing you to simply detach the bottle after preparation and be on your way.

Anybody who has the privilege of owning this thing happens to be in a unique little club which often finds itself trying to recommend it to all those around them. Check out the reviews on Amazon, or speak with anybody who has had the pleasure of owning one and you might find yourself under the same pressure as that mate in your group who has yet to watch Breaking Bad.

The Blend-Active promises to turn you into an alchemist as you’ll begin to seek out new food that you can drop into your blender to form new delicious smoothies and shakes. Online resources offer vast amounts of recipes that’ll allow you to form tasty smoothies in no time. For those who often struggle in the morning with breakfast preparation conceivably because you’re pressed for time this is the answer to your woes. Drop in your fruit of choice, blend, and you’ll have a delicious source of nutrition in no time. The Blend-Active is also seriously easy to clean coming with dish-washer friendly blades and bottles truly highlighting the efficiency of this potent device.

Do yourself a favour, for less than £20 the Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender is highly likely to be the most influential, practical bargain purchase you’ll make in years, grab one now!

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