Last year I was feeling fit, so fit that another 10k under my belt seemed like a great idea. Global Energy got in touch and asked me if I wanted to do their 10k race as Rother Valley and me and my running club jumped at the chance. I think on the day there was approx 40 of us and for most of them their first race – the atmosphere was great, we all cheered each other on and most people’s favourite part at the end was the free bagels. (Me being gluten-free just had to watch them with a twinge of jealously.)

Overall it was one of the nicest 10k races I have ever done, the route was flat so open to all levels and the level of encouragement for all involved made it my favourite race in 2016.

So when 2017 came around and I was asked to get involved I paused for a second. Most people know the reason I’ve had so much time off blogging and ¬†fitness the last few months is because of a bulging disc in my lumbar spine which is causing me a few problems. Meaning that firstly I’ve put on nearly 1 and a half stone in 3 months and secondly I’m struggling to cover 10,000 steps a day let alone running. I was starting to feel better and had been tempted by a couple of park runs, finishing at 38 minutes but still finishing. I had to remember to run my own race and not compete with anybody. So I said yes and now the big race is only a week away, I’ve done 4 5k training runs and I am due to cover the distance of 10k on saturday, I’m feeling nervous ill admit.

But on the big day I have my whole running club, my boyfriend, my best friend and my dad all running with me so I am sure that I can make it through the whole distance even if I have to walk. I think this is the perfect race to get me back into running and with Rother Valley as a stunning backdrop on a flat route I think for anybody wanting to try their first race its a must for you too.

For anybody thinking about doing the global energy 10k or 5K race later this month can have a 20% discount code for any entries it’s on the 24th September.

The 20% OFF discount code: NYBCOFRIENDS