So people that know me well know I have quite bad problems with my skin from allergies to acne.

No matter how healthy I eat or stay in shape it doesn’t seem to effect my skin and its a constant battle of antibiotics and trying new products.

At the moment I have gone completely make up free, its been very daunting and terrifying and so far I have lasted a week, but this blog is about an adventure I took on in February this year.


At the start of February I was sick of having a horrible itchy sore scalp as well as a very red face, I had been using t-gel for 6 months but even that wasn’t helping so I decided to look into going product free on my hair, I had seen articles about it before and my mum who’s a hairdresser always said you hair will start to clean itself.

So I decided it was time to STOP USING SHAMPOO .
So I chucked out my shampoo and read the articles on the internet with everybody’s hints and tips, some people continue to clean with baking soda and cider vinegar, others swear by a certain type of hair brush but here is my experience going “POO FREE.”

The first day I threw everything out so I wouldn’t be tempted to clean it if it really started getting on my nerves, I decided to commit to 30 days and then access how the situation was working for me.

The first few days I just washed and scrubbed my scalp with hot water and didn’t see much difference although I was wearing my hair up quite a lot, around the 6th day though it started to look a bit greasy although my scalp felt amazing and very itch free. So on day 7 I decided to wash my hair with Bicarb of soda. I took the bicarb in the shower in an egg cup and wet my hair and then just scrubbed it through – Its a very weird feeling as you are expecting bubbles but you don’t get any, I then put apple cider vinegar through it to condition and left it for a few minutes before drying off. When I got out my hair felt clean but all I could smell no matter how many times I rinsed my hait was vinegar and I was terrified other people could too.

This is where I decided to either commit to the cause or not commit at all, the idea was about not using unwanted and not needed products so I decided I was going to go the full 21 days using nothing. After this it all became very easy, I washed and rinsed just with warm water and used a tangle teezer to get rid of any knots, I found my hair didn’t go greasy but started looking shinier and everybody kept commenting on how healthy my hair looked.

After 30 days I decided to continue with this little venture although over the months there has been a few exceptions I have never officially washed my hair, I have however coloured it a few times and rinsed it off using the conditioner but shampoo has never gone near it.

I have now been poo free for 6 months and I would never consider going back. My hair is delicious, full bodied, healthy, strong and growing at a huge rate, I give it a really good rinse in the shower at least once a day and sometimes twice if I have a had a huge workout. I am super happy my hair and the little venture this took me one for the last 6 months and I love seeing peoples faces when they comment on my hair and I tell them it hasn’t been washed in 6 months.

I would highly advise going poo free, trying it for 30 days, are you daring enough?!!

Pictures below are from Feb and every month since.