Learning to love myself

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This week I’ve been on abit of a self hate mission and I’ve realised I’ve been quite mean to myself.
I’m three stone heavier than I want to be and when I look in the mirror I hate what I see, the thing is I know exactly what to do about it… But I find it so hard to act on those things. But why?! I’m a personal trainer, it should be easy?

Because my mindset isn’t there I’m trying to do to much and be too much to too many people at once. I want a successful business, a social life, family time and personal time. And structuring those things into my week is sometimes impossible.

I’m so quick to kick myself when I’m down and forget the bigger picture. I should give myself a massive thumbs up for everything I have achieved at 27. But i don’t. It’s never enough.
When will it be enough?

Well this morning I woke up and decided ENOUGH. I am going to learn to love myself again for everything I am today, not what I was last year and not what I want to be in the future.

Every lump, bump, cellulite and stretch mark.
Every pimple, freckle and bits of eczema.
Because we only live once and I am amazing and incredible in so many ways so I need to remember that.

So here’s to all you ladies.
Today is body confidence saturday.

I want you all to tell me something about you you usually despise but are now going to learn to love, embrace and share with the world?!?

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