It’s no lie that most of my clothing budget I set myself goes on fresh gym kit on a monthly basis since I practically live in it, if anything when I am expected to wear a dress or dress up nowadays I often feel restricted and pray for the time I can get back in my leggings and trainers – I have fully become a workout kit girl. But it can get be an expensive lifestyle especially when somedays I get changed up to 3 times – meaning good quality kit that lasts and LOADS of it is important to me.

Ive often bought stuff online but the mystery of online shopping is sometimes the quality and also how it will fit and also does the price always reflect the value?

Earlier this year I was made aware of MandM Direct – there slogan is “Up to 75 percent off brands all year round.” – Now that to me sounded an AMAZING Deal and not just brands but big brands too with everything from Nike to Ronhill all at massive discounts it was time to treat myself after Christmas.

With just £100 I managed to get 3 pairs of leggings including ELLE SportPuma & New Balance , 2 jumpers which I have lived in especially this pink Skechers one. The comfiest Puma trainers I have ever had and finally some More Miles Socks. All for just £100 – Ive been known to spend £75 on just one pair of leggings before so this haul was amazing and I have been raving ever since – in fact one of my clients has already headed over and purchased the same trainers as me. :)



MandM Direct is going to be my go to place for all my gym kit from here onwards – all of the kit I got I have used loads of times already and its washed lovely. Have you used MandM Direct before? Whats been your favourite purchase from there? Where do you get your gym kit currently?

There will be another post later this week about how important kit is too training, running and general sport and why using the right kit is important.

Please note – The lovely MandM Direct gifted me £100 gift voucher for all the kit I purchased however all views are my own and my own experiences of them and how I rate them as a company and this is an honest review.