Earlier this year I was invited to an event at Throstlenest Saddlery in Barnsley – unfortunately I couldn’t make it and missed out an amazing day. However not long after the event I was contacted by the organisers and the saddlery saying they would like to send me a present in the post and asking my shoe size.

A few days late an absolutely beautiful pair of hiking boots turned up on my doorstep. Living on the outskirts of the peak district I try my best to get out as much as possible and hiking has quickly become one of my favourite past times at the weekend. I have some hiking boots that I purchased last year before climbing snowden and although the fit and feel comfy they just feel clumpy on my feet like every step is an effort. I also did a couple of adventure races this year in them and as much as they did the job just fine I knew that I needed to look at getting some new ones that just did the job better.

What arrived on my doorstep that day were the Ariat® Womens Skyline Mid GTX Boots – Taupe and Teal which can be seen in more detail here. The colour was lovely, I often struggle to ever find a shade of brown shoes I like due to them being too light or too dark but these were great.

It was now time for the fit test, upon just trying them on I quickly realised how lightweight they were which was fantastic, they fitted snugly and in all the right places. Not only this though but they were so comfy – It made me quickly realise I should have looked at getting some new boots a lot sooner.

I was so happy with them and thought it was such a lovely gesture of them.

The boots boost numbers features including these outlined below:

Waterproof Full grain Leather and Suede Upper
GORE-TEX® Waterproof and breathable membrane
Good, multi directional tread to give great grip
ATS technology in the footbed offers comfort, support and stability
Anti-scuff toe and heel

They have a price tag of £159.99 which in comparison to what they offer alongside other boots I don’t think is too bad. I have since used the boots loads, they have walked the peak, they have hiked in Hong Kong and are currently my choice of footwear for teaching bootcamp. What has amazed me the most though is how new they still look even though they are quickly getting miles behind them, a quick wash down and they almost as good as new.

I did have some lovely pictures of these and my adventures but as my iPhone decided to die and take everything with it I have lost all my super cool Instagram style snaps and haven’t been able to go on an adventure to take more.

My first adventure race of the season is next year which is 5 hours of running and mountain biking and I definitely know which shoes I will be wearing. I would like to thanks Throstlenest for the lovely gift and I know I will be purchasing from them in the future. They can be found at: