My personal weightloss journey

My personal weightloss journey

Hello – I’m Lucy from Lucy Locket Loves.

Are you looking for a female personal trainer in Sheffield? Find out more about me below.

Firstly, I wanted to introduce myself and tell you about my own weight loss story so that you can see for yourself that nobody is perfect and how together we can reach your goals. If I have done it, so can you. Secondly I am not your average Personal Trainer. I am not impossibly slim or strong. I have cellulite and wobbly bits BUT I do now love my body and that has been a very long time coming.

Growing up I was always skinny a size 8 and loved PE at school. I was never very good at it but it didn’t bother me. After leaving school I went to study in London and ended up Au Pairing in Paris for two years. When I got home I was a size 6 and I look at pictures of me and I look dangerously fragile and skinny. I obviously hadn’t been eating enough or looking after myself.

On returning home from Paris I bought and set up my own business which was a paint your own pottery studio, I threw everything I was and everything I had into it. Suddenly one day I looked in the mirror and thought WOW IS THAT ME? I was a size 16 and weighed around 12 stone. That was the one day I realized just what I had done to myself, working that many hours looking after a business and customers and not looking after myself.

I hated what I saw in the mirror, in fact I hated me, I was unhappy, I was depressed and that was the moment I realized it had to change and switch took place in my head. I joined a gym and I joined slimming world. The next few months are a whirlwind of exercise and eating better, falling off the wagon and getting back on. (All are documented on my blog.) As I got fitter and liked what I saw in the mirror I got more confident, I got happier stronger and healthier and I realized that my business really wasn’t making me happy.

I decided that I wanted to help people make a change in their own life’s as my weight loss journey has really made me the happiest I have ever been in my life. I feel excited about life and excited about my future. As I had been a health and fitness blogger for a few months and my blog was a lot more successful than I had ever imagined that is when I decided to sell my business and pursue a career in health and fitness.

I thought everybody would laugh when I told them I wanted to be a Personal Trainer but actually everybody said I was an inspiration to them – selling my business and aiming for my dreams. I have seen both sides of the coin by neglecting myself whether that’s being too skinny or what is considered by the NHS as obese. I want to help people like me who feel a bit lost and don’t know where to start as there is so much conflicting statements and advice in the media.

So, I spent £6000 getting qualified as a Master Trainer, Exercise Specialist and Nutrition Coach with the European Institute of Fitness. I completely turned my career around for my love of fitness and alongside this made my health and happiness my priority. So if I can do it, you can too and I can help you do it too.

I offer WORLDWIDE online training and I offer 1-2-1 & Small group personal training at my own private training facility in Sheffield – I am based at 348 Cemetery Road, S118FT.

So what are my training points? My promises? And your outcomes?

Training Points
  • You get a personalized plan
  • Before we start a program we make sure I am the correct trainer for you
  • You agree to the sessions a week you can commit too.
  • We measure your goals against your current fitness levels.
  • We work with you at the right speed for your fitness.
My Promise

I promise to help you reach your goals as soon as physically possible, in a safe way. I will always work with you and listen to you to provide the program that is right for you to reach your targets.

Your Outcome

You get out what you put in, stick with me for the full training course and I will get you where you need to be. I will continue to challenge you, so if I can see a program is getting a bit easy for you I will adapt it to push you further.


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