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Hello, my name is Lucy and I’ve been managing my anxiety since I was about 16 years old. I remember my first panic attack like it was yesterday, I was on the phone to my mum discussing the limo we had booked for my prom when all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe, my chest hurt, the room started spinning and I thought I was going to vom. At the time I had no idea what was wrong with me, but in the 10 years following I’ve learnt that anxiety is a part of me. I get anxious and when I’m not anxious I get anxious about why I’m not anxious. The hardest part of being a mega girl boss is that everybody constantly thinks I have my shit together……
I’ll let you into a little secret….. I DO NOT.

I cry atleast 5 times a week, I refuse to ask for help because I’m stubborn and then have a meltdown because my to do list is too long which in turn effects my physical health and my mental health. I get frustrated because I have no time for me but yet I am my own boss and make no time for me. In 2018 I have decided to change all of that though and my two main things I’ve decided to do.

1. Be selfish
2. Ask for help
3. Learn to say no
4. Tell people when I am not ok

I can’t tell you how much implementation of these 4 things have helped me navigate this year with a calm less stressful mind and a more productive workload. Don’t get me wrong I beat myself up most days but actually in the scheme of things me being less uptight has made everything around me better.

Weekends are so self-love, there for lazy mornings in bed with my mister appreciating the fact we don’t see each other all week, listening to music, chatting, reading.
There for brunch and adventures, seeing friends, drinking whiskey, playing board games, watching a bazillion episodes of criminal minds because we never get to watch any tv. It’s the little walks in the park, a long hot shower, drinking a hot cup of tea. Sorting laundry and getting stuff done that use it be a chore but enjoying it. They are for planning the week ahead, how can I be productive, what will I eat to make me feel good, when can I exercise, when can I see those I love.

Practising better self care, has not only made me better, it’s made my relationships better, my business better and my life better.

So tell me, what self care do you practice?
If none, try this week to do one thing for you and see how it makes you feel. Whether it’s 20 mins of a book, painting your nails, planning the week ahead. What can you do to make time for you? So you can be the best you?

I really wish more of us stood up and screamed…..


If less of us tried to hide our anxiety, if we let the world know it’s then easier to deal with, trust me I’m putting this post out to 9000 of you……….. ❤️❤️

So tell me, what’s your best self care recommendation? And how do you deal with your anxiety?

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