My online personal training service is an amazing alternative to get the fantastic results but without face to face training. I can offer the same service to you online as I would a client who was local and the best thing is that you can be anywhere in the world.

Through the Lucy Locket Loves blog I get several messages and emails every day asking for advice, tips and techniques on training and nutrition. We work together by creating bespoke personalized training and nutrition plan which is specific to you and your goals and motivations.

So how does online training work?

We will have an online consultation where I can analyze and go through your goals, lifestyle and what you are hoping to achieve.

Once I have a better understanding of your current eating and lifestyle habits I can then go onto design your training program specific to your goals and needs. Each session is created for optimum results with attention to detail and full explanation so you can carry the exercises out safe and controlled.

We will speak throughout the week (You can always contact me) and have a weekly review to see how you are feeling and make sure the plan is challenging enough, the nutrition plan is fulfilling enough and also assess how we are going towards our goal. Alongside your training program I will also design a full nutrition plan based on food diary analysis. This will support your training and they will come together to provide you with results.