When I heard about the 5 pence bag charge I thought it was a really good idea, I try to be good at recycling and have several separate bins for plastics, metals etc in my kitchen. It is good for the environment, especially when you start reading the knitty gritty of how long decomposition takes and the number of bags us as consumers dispose of daily.

The small problem with this is however, I always forgot to put my large specially bought reusable shopping bags back in the car with me, they lay back in the cupboard in the kitchen waiting to go back and live in my boot of my car, I constantly forget about them just sitting there and for the first few weeks just started buying more.

I quickly realised this had to stop, I like walking down to my local shop to stock up but was going every time and spending 10 pence on bag. I shop and buy little bits meaning I go a lot as don’t stock up so lets say on average I was spending £0.70 a week, that £2.10 a month which is £25.20 a year.

Also I am doing NOTHING for the environment just hoarding plastic bags because I don’t want to throw them away because I WILL (try) to remember to take them next time.

Last time I went shopping with my mum and was about to ask for a bag my mum produced a bag from within her bag, a lovely cotton number that had just sat in her bag waiting to be used!

AHA why hadn’t I thought of this? Apparently I can run a business and do complicated mathematics without a calculator but I didn’t think of putting a bag in my (already very full) day to day bag.

So the hunt began, I decided to invest in one I liked. That I could use a shopped for every occasion, that fitted in my bag folded up but was also a fashion statement that I didn’t mind carrying. I trawled the internet but they all reminded me of the topshop £5 tote bags I had when I going through my Emo at 14 stage. Nothing fitted right and then browsing through Twitter I discovered Made By Talented.

Sheffield Tote Bag

Sheffield Tote Bag

Beautiful, ethical on trend bags. I love anything to do with my home city of Sheffield and my house is full of little trinkets with different bits of my home town so after looking on there website I discovered a collection called cityscapes and guess what there in front of me was a SHEFFIELD one. All my favourite places, Western park museum where I used to go all the time as a child, Devonshire Green where I am not very proud of but smoked my first cigarette, The winter gardens where I was a bridesmaid for my best friend last year.

This was MY bag, it wanted to stay with me and be used, it was perfect for the bread and milk and to show everybody how proud I am of my city. I must say when I look at it new memories pop up of old places and I get all nostalgic. Its a beautifully made bag. I keep it folded up in my bag ready to be used for my shopping haul and because I love it that much, I never forget it.
So what my challenge is for you. Find a bag, love a bag and invest all that plastic bag money into one you can use everyday and save the environment at the same time.

You Can Find The Sheffield Tote Bag Here….