Why running is good for you, and you should do it more

We’ve all heard that doing more exercise and running more is good for us, but do you actually know why runners preach about their sport and encourage you to do it, even if it’s just for ten minutes?

From a health point of view, running is a cardiovascular activity and therefore it is really good for your heart. There are studies which show that as little as ten minutes running a day can decrease your likelihood of developing heart disease in the future. It’s also great for your joints, specifically those in your legs, and will give you increased strength in the future, hopefully eradicating the possibility of joint problems as you get older.

But that’s the health bit, the best part about running is… it makes you feel great! Whenever I have time to go out for a run, I feel fantastic afterwards. Whether I got for a quit trot around the block, a long slow distance or just a jog with friends, I always feel great when I finish. Runner’s high really is a real thing, and the more you do it, the more you love to do it. You just need to get up off that couch and get your running shoes on. My favourites at the minute are these – they are so comfy and I’m racking up the miles in them so much I’m thinking about buying another pair – after all the price is a steal.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.38.48

Getting out on the trails or the roads, with just your thoughts for company can seem daunting to some people, but it’s actually a great way to blow those cobwebs away. Do your meditation while you’re running, listen to a podcast you’ve been saving up, whatever the situation you leave when you go for a run, you are much more likely to come back to it feeling refreshed and with new ideas, so it’s a great way to problem solve!

And don’t forget that running isn’t only good for your legs, it works out your core just as well as your calves, and you’ll feel more stabilised from your abs as a result of running. It’s a great all round body workout, and if that doesn’t make you feel great, then I don’t know what will!

What’s more, you’ll love being able to show off your toned runner’s body so much that you’ll want to  head to MandM Direct sportswear and buy some new kit – they are my FAVOURITE place to purchase at the minute and these New Balance leggings & More mile socks have already been worn loads in the last few weeks since the goodies MandM Direct sent me which I spoke about in my previous post.


The best thing about running though, in my opinion, is that you can always find time for it. If you have half an hour until your next meeting, go out for a 15-minute jog and spruce yourself up afterwards. If it’s raining out, so what, you can have a shower when you get back anyway. There’s always time for a run, no matter how busy your schedule, and I should know!

So, get over to MandM direct and purchase your Elle Sport leggings, lace up your running shoes, get a lovely running top on and go get your workout .

I think I’ll go for a run now!

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